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Press Release Distribution Service

When it comes to getting the interest, visibility and traffic you are looking for from a quality press release, you need more than a well written release; you need to make sure that the release gets in the right hands. This is why we offer our professional press release distribution for our clients. In order for your press release to garner positive media attention it needs to be sent to the right places and our online press release distribution will do that.

About Our Press Release Distribution Services

When you turn to our press release distribution services you can rest assured that your information and your name will get out to the masses. We offer direct distribution to a number of different outlets, based on our different unique distribution tiers.

Online Press Release Distribution to Over 40 Sites

  • News Sites- MSN News, Google News, RSS News
  • Media and News Blogs
  • Social Media Sites
  • Online Media Outlets

We also offer local regional and national press release distribution based on the area you want your release sent to and we will deliver your releases directly to the editor.

Getting Started With Our Press Release Distribution Service

While turning to us to distribute press releases for you can mean getting your press release in the hands of nearly half a million news professionals, we understand that not every client wants this type of exposure. We will let you tell us what type of exposure you want, based on our different tiers of distribution and we will work to create a unique distribution press release plan that fits your needs.

Why Choose To Distribute Press Release With Us

When you come to us for help we know that you are turning to the best press release distribution service in the market. We can say this because we have a huge network that we distribute your press releases to. With our press release distribution service you release will be in the hands of tens of thousands of registered journalists and thousands of newsrooms across the country so you can start getting the attention you are looking for.

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