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TGI signed a technology cooperation, manufacturing and supply with Owens Corning US (NYSE: OC)

Taiwan Glass Ind. Corp. (TGI) signed an agreement for technology cooperation, manufacturing and supply with Owens Corning US (Owens Corning), the global leading manufacturer of fiberglass.

Through this agreement, TGI obtains the most advanced fiberglass formulation and technology in the world. Otherwise, TGI can provide clients higher performance and more environmental products by TGI’s owned high-quality fiberglass manufacturing factories as well as lowering the cost and boosting domestic composite material products and market competitiveness.

TGI and Owens Corning maintain a good business relationship. This agreement strengthens the partnership between both parties in the area of composite material. Meanwhile, the technology and quality of fiberglass products are always the core competency of TGI. TGI is keeping in R&D to produce low-cost, high-strength and high-efficiency fiberglass to satisfy the demands of clients.

Taiwan Glass Ind. Corp.

Taiwan Glass Ind. Corp. (TWSE code: 1802)

Main business products: manufacturing, processing and sales of flat glass, fiberglass, electronic grade fiberglass fabric, glass containers, automotive glass. The capacity of fiberglass and fiberglass fabric occupy a significant position in global market.

Since established in 1964 by the founder Lin Yu-Chia, under the concept to build a glass industry for Taiwan, TGI settles it base steadily and becomes a preeminent company across the straits with outstanding achievement through global perspective, sound operating strategy and strong financial foundation. In 2017, the sales amount of Taiwan Glass Group was approximately US$1.48 billion, and it has total 15,000 employees in Taiwan and China.

Owens Corning US

Owens Corning US (NYSE: OC)

Main business products: developing, manufacturing and sales of?insulating material, roof material and fiberglass material. Under it specialty of material, manufacturing and architecture science, Owens Corning US developed energy-saving and high- comfort products and systems for both commercial and residential buildings.

Moreover, it can produce thousands of lighter, firmer and more durable products by the fiberglass material business.

Owens Corning’s headquarters is in Toledo, Ohio, United States. Its sales amount of

2017 was US$6.4 billion, and has 19,000 employees in 37 countries. Owens Corning US has been the top 500 business in Fortune for 63 years.