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TFT/LCD Plant, QDI, Linkou
J.J. Pan and Partners, Architects and Planners
CLIENT: Quanta Display Inc.
The new plant for Quanta Display Inc. is situated in the Hwa-Ya in Lin Kou, Tao Yuan County, built mainly for the production of “LCD” (liquid crystal display) and “TFT” (thin film transitory) units. Aside from the steel structure and sheet metal standard for industrial architecture, the design also employs an extensive use of glass as an element to express the special purpose of the building – to manufacture of TFT and LCD units. Just as in the article “Envelope versus façade the epidermal concept”, by Xavier Gonzalez, ”Glass is thought of today as a material in its own right, such as stone or sheet metal for covering purpose, doing away with the old taboo associating glass with openings, such as windows or doors, as sources of natural light…”. In this design, glass not only functions as an envelope, it can detach from the building and integrate with the steel structure to become a main part in the space, hoping that through the material qualities of glass, to enrich the dialogue between the architecture and its surroundings. In order to reveal qualities of the glass, blue mesh ceramic silkscreen glass is used with illumination, to express the hidden metaphor of glass as thin film transitory (TFT).